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Our story

Welcome to Barcelona and Denver, where this story began...

This is the story of a mom, Elena, and a daughter, Isabel, who decided to go on an adventure together, an adventure that would bring them closer even when they lived in different continents. They decided to design a handbag. They wanted to create something bold, something unique and filled with color. They wished to design a piece unlike anything else in the world, a special bag that made a statement, a bag that told a story without saying a single word, a bag that was daring and adventurous. So they did. And they called it MEL.

Together, Elena and Isabel, design and handcraft every single handbag, one by one, creating one-of-a-kind little works of unique art. Every pattern drawn, every stitch sewn, every fabric picked in Barcelona, is a step towards creating a handbag, just like every word whispered and every smile shared, creates memories that they will always treasure.

MELbarcelona designs for women who are looking for something different, who are confident and dare to wear what they like, who appreciate the art behind a unique design. We are proud to offer you a handbag that will tell the world who you are...a bold, stylish, confident, beautiful woman...a MEL girl.

We are inspired by Robert Frost’s words: Freedom lies in being bold.
Be bold. Be unique. Be who you want to be. We at MELbarcelona, design for you.

With love,

Elena and Isabel

Our Story: Quiénes somos
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